What is paypal ? How to create PayPal account ?

Let’s discuss what is paypal and how you can use in receiving money and transfer.

Hello guys if you internet so you heard about PayPal atleast one time so if you interested in to know what is paypal so in this I will tell you the what is this PayPal. And how to create account in it.

In this post I will share you all the details about the PayPal account.

What is paypal and how to create account.

PayPal is a worldwide payment sending and receiving platform in this you can transfer money in any country within few minutes.

You can use you account as business also you can sell product and receive money online.

If your are a blogger you providing any services then you can receive money from any country.

You can create account in few steps , you just need one Gmail id to sign-up the account and in few verification your can make your account active.

Every payment company takes some transaction fees , similarly PayPal also charges some transaction fees but you can send money anywhere in the world , it’s is safe and secure and trusted platform .

Let’s check step by step how to sign-up with PayPal .

1) First you need to visit in PayPal website .

2) after that you will see a sign-up button just click to register the account.

3) when you click on sign-up button you will be asked two option

a) individual account or business account

If you have any business in which you are selling products or and digital products then you can go with business account
Otherwise you need to select

individual options so you can easily receive money and send money.

4) in this step you will see to fill some details like individual and email and password just fill that and click next.

5) In next step you have to fill some details like you name and address and mobile number and password , pincode, Any you have to agree the term’s and condition. And go ahead.

6) in next step you will see to link your bank account so you can transaction in your bank account with secure.

When you link up your bank account and ATM card you have to provide personal identification like pancard so this will verify your account and hence your are ready with your PayPal account.

PayPal is most secure payment method in world about 90% of USA and other countries prefer to use PayPal because you don’t need to give every time card number on any website and your bank details also secure because PayPal handles all his security.

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