What is hosting and how to buy hosting.

Hello friend’s today I will share you about what is hosting, hosting is a memory which is hosted by any hosting company .

This memory stores our data like images , videos, text , softwares, and any kind of data in server.

This hosting is not small memory it is big data capacity storage in gigabyte and more terabyte.

So if have a domain and you want to make you domain to show images , and videos you need the server to host your content this is called hosting.

How to buy good hosting ?

See if want to buy hosting it depends on you business what you are doing and which type of hosting you need.

If your are running blog then you need higher capacity host because you can have high traffic.

Otherwise if you are a business or you just want leads and sales you don’t need high traffic because you need targeted audience because you wants users who are interesting to buying products.

Many company offer good server hosting you can buy from them.

Few companies I want to mention like GoDaddy , Bluehost, siteground, namecheap, hostinger, and many more website provides services.


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