Top 5 best blogging niches for new bloggers to make money online.

Hello friend’s if your are new blogger and you are searching a good niche for you blogging then you are on right place here.

Here I will share you 5 best blogging niches which is very popular on internet and these are ever green topic and you can start with this niches and generate good revenue.

You can rank your blog on this niche easily in few months on Google first page and generate massive traffic on your blog. This niches are good CPC results of  you work on it.

If you ready to start your blogging in 2020 you need to focus on one single niche, to get fast ranking.

If you start general blog and you wish to rank the blog it will be more difficult to rank and it can take many days to get traffic because , now a days micro niches are Ranking faster than general blogs.

Because it covers single topic and it makes your blog as authority. Google can specify your niches and make it suggestion for the users who wants the topic.

Here I want to make you clear that you will not succeed in one day , in blogging you need to be patient and you have to give time and efforts.

If you want to make your blog successful you need to give atleast 3-5 month and 50+ high quality post and making good quality backlink, so it will boost in Google search engine. After doing all this you will see good results.

Best 5 Niches to make money from blogging in 2020.

  • Health & fitness.
  • Sakari Naukri & results.
  • upcoming events.
  • politics.
  • Make money online.

Best 5 niches to make money form blogging.

1) Health & Fitness

So let get started with first niche that is Health and fitness.

Health and and fitness is best niches in blogging because in day to day life every won’t to become healthy and fit.

If you write your blog in English you will not easily rank your website because there is lot of competition.

if you are want to write in health and fitness blog there is a chance to rank your website if you work hard and smart way if you make good backlinks and promote your blog then it will take some time to rank in Google but it will give a good result for you.

there are lot of health and fitness blogs are available on Google so here you have to do lot of work and with a unique content.

Google can rank your website in a keyword which is very low competition keywords so you can make your blog as good revenue.

2) Sakari Naukri & results.

sarkari naukari is always in trending in Google there are all around 10 million users searches everyday about sarkari naukari so you can make good revenue by making sarkari naukri website because it is a trending topic and very low compatative  traffic.

Sarkari naukari is a very good nice because everyone everyone wants to know about sarkari naukari because they give their exams and wants sarkari naukari results and stats.

You can use both sarkari result and sarkari naukri keyword because both keywords are very easy to rank and we will get very high traffic because every month there is every any sarkari Exam held and this niche will never end.

3) Upcoming events.

Upcoming events means that festival events in which you are writing about the festivals like for example I would like to explain how upcoming events or event blogging earn lot of money in few days because.

let us I give a example of Diwali , Diwali is a festival which is festival of in India so if you are writing about Diwali wishes Diwali or Diwali images all searching when Diwali is coming

so if you are ready before 2 months or and writing about Diwali so you will not believe that the how much traffic you can gain and earn money from AdSense approval.

Many blogger do the same work when any festival or event is coming and you don’t believe that they earn more than $500 perday even more than that.

event blogging is not just a regular blogging it is a event blogging so it may take some seasonal effect on your blog when any event comes you can make a blog on event a specific keyword so you can rank on that, within few days and make some money.

If you are wish create a event log then you can make make your own blog and generate revenue.

4) Politics And News.

Politics and News are the best and always trending niche , you can believe that how much traffic is on this niche around millions of users daily watch news and read news on Google .

All the news around the politicians people and what they are doing were going. What announcement that they are making , means you have lot of content here , and you no need to search for  topic on which you want to write.

You gets daily new topic and news , you just want to write in your blog and you are good to go with lot of traffic .

Google also loves this type of niches and you may have seen that all news and trending topics always feature on Google feature page .

You can earn daily $500 dollar of your blog ranks and generate traffic.

If you are interested in this niche you can choose , but in this niche you have to write daily on regular basis.

5) Make money Online.

Make money online is the soul of internet with our this keyword internet is zero because everything what we see on internet is because of creators and creator what’s to earn from online so they create content.

To make money online you don’t need any  qualifications no degree and there is no limit for earning, This is the power of internet.

There are lots of ways to make money online in legit ways.

1) Blogging

Blogging is the main source of internet and it will never end till the life exists.

Blogging is the easy way to become rich but if you dedicated to blogging as a serious job , many blogger are on the top of the world who makes Billions of revenue .

You can create blog in few steps and you can just started your first step in blogging.

Make money online has tons of branches like .

  • You can write article and make revenue.
  • If your are interested in Affiliate  marketing you can earn from it.
  • Many ways, blogging, affiliate marketing, social media influencer, digital marketing, game & Android developer. And Many more.

Choice is in your hand don’t let go that opportunity if your have choice and ways.


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