Step 6 : Receive daily free daimonds freefire.

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Guys in free fire comment which is best map do you like to play .

I like the map like kalahari because it is good for rank push .

if you want to push you rank you play on kalahari because it is lots of stones and hiding places , just you have to survive till last zone.

But if you play on map such like bermuda it is hard to push your rank because rushers will find you easily because it is very open place to survive.


And because if this you can loose your ranking.

It not matter how much you killed in a single match to take booyah because it is an survival game so if a new player plays he have to survive because he cant fight with pro players and hence he can improve his game skills day by day.

If you play free fire game daily then you can earn daimonds for free just completing 7 steps now you are on step 6

to complete this step check below button .


Step 5 : Win Chance to earn free fire daimonds .

How to get Free Fire Daimonds For Free.


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