Step 4: Get free fire daimonds for free easy method.

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Here I will share one app fr0m which you can earn money in you google account and can top up you free fire with daimonds.

Free Fire is now having millions of users and it is multiplayer online game.

To get free fire daimonds for free is not easy task , if some one wants good daimond they can play coustom and esports with big youtubers.

but there is lot of viewers and low chance to getting in. So here i will share a best app on which you will receive some money so you can topup you game .

Google opnion rewards is a app from which you can earn some money so you can use for game top up.

How Google opnion rewards works .

Download Google opnion rewards and install in you android phone .

Sign in which you gmail id , and let it be in you moblie for some days. Google will send you some survey type question and you just answer the question which google ask.

Depending on you answer google will credit some money in you gmail account .

This surveys can get every week so you can earn some money .

But the most thins is that you will receive not more that 10rs and this is very low to topup you free fire game .

But if you complete 15 Steps Here every day you will get 50 daimond every  month .

So to receive 50 daimonds complete all 7 Steps and check the blow button .


Step 3 : Getting Closer to claim freefire free Daimonds.

Step 5 : Win Chance to earn free fire daimonds .


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