Skin care routine for your dry skin and Oily Skin at you home

Best Skin care routine

The best things you have done to maintain your skin care routine for you dry and oily skin but, You need more tips from this blog to get best results.

We will try our best tips to explain , for you skin to glow and not making any thing harsh effect on your skin.

If you read this full article , and follow the tips we have shared then your will see yourself the most beautiful skin that you have.

Step #1. Cleansing                   

Make sure that you should take good care of you skin , and always when you wake up first start your skin care routine by cleansing your face.

Make sure to use the sulfate-free or any Mild which does not have lots of lather on your face.

The best method to cleansing you face with naturally with home made remides like 1tsp of Honey and 1 tsp of Coconut oil mixing and applying on your face.

Every Morning and evening if you reguraly cleansing you skin it will help to stay your skin healthy and glowy.

Step #2. Apply Any Face Mask

The main tips I like to share that if you have sensitive skin, so you should use gel-based or any hydrating face masks so it will give good effects.

The reason behind is when you apply this gel- based , it has cooling effects and not harms your skin.

Skin care routine: You can apply this tips regularly twice a day so it will slowly grow your skin beauty.

Step #3. Toning

Toning your skin by this simple tips, use any toner and dab few drops as you required , which can offers calming and soothing effect on face.

Mainy if you are using such tonner than you should use Nonsteroidal Properties when you purchase from any shop.

Rose water is available in any common house so you can use it or some other also like green tea.

If you know the PH Value 7 is normal and you should cleanse your face daily so that is can maintain your Ph of your skin and , improves healthy skin.

Step #4. Face Serum

Face serum is the second process after toning your skin , to apply on skin.

Sensitive can have some troubles when you use hard facial, it can make your skin redness , and irritating and breakouts, acne

For this you can use face serum that has lactic acid content , which is mild and bring positive effect on your skin.

we recommened that you should not use acid-based serum it can harsh you skin and feels burns mainy for lighter skin.

Use regularly non-acid based serum daily both night and day face serums.

Step #5. Moisturizer

Moisturising skin is the next part of your Skin Care Routine

If you done all this steps that above we mentioned then here comes

Moisturising your skin which helps in smooth, soft and flexible

Always avoid any added fragrances in the moisturizer, which can help to avoid any side effect

The best natural method to moisturiser your face skin is to use aloe-vera gel which is easily available in your garden

It increases the hydrating your skin so it never feels dryness.

Step #6. Sunscreen

The last tips of Skin care routine is applying sunscreen while in outside

Sun emits harmful rays such as ultravoilet rays and it can harm the skin and your skin gets red

So when you are outside area make sure your first apply the sunscreen it protects the skin

SPF greater than 30 buy that kind of sunscreen so it will long lasting protect your face and skin And maintain positive results.

Whenever you go outside always apply sunscreen on your face reguarly so it gives you skin protection.

Conclusion: Maintaining your skin is has various different tips , but we bring you few tips which will help your skin healthy

All things were researched based from google so , we advice to visit near doctor so they can help

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