How to get Free Fire Daimonds For Free.

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There best ways to get free fire daimonds for free even more then 5000 daimonds you can earn or get easily.

So we will discuss here how you will get unlimited free fire daimonds for free .So the first method is that if you play game daily you will receive drop box offers from free fire itself and lowest price .

As i seen most of cases garena gives 10rs and 29rs drop box which have 100 daimond with other offers, but man users still not able to top up there account because they dont have Atms.

but we have best offers for those who is still struggling to get daimonds , so they can open good gun skins, coustumes and many more.


If you want to earn 50 daimonds daily so you need to check our blog daily we gives  our daily users 50 daimonds asa gift .

To receive 50 daimonds for free you can complete 15 steps and wait for 4 to 5 days so we can send you daimonds as gift form our side .

Now you can complete second step by just opening below button


Step 6 : Receive daily free daimonds freefire.

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