Create a free blog and website and earn money

Create a free blog and earn money $500 per month

To create a free blog if you are thinking to earn money online from website at just sitting at home as passive income or your side business, then you are here perfectly.

In today’s world, the most amazing and entertainment and most engagement platform are internets, each and every mobile user on this planet knows what is the internet?

And the most popular thing is online is blog, website, and videos but the major revenue online earner is blogs because it has an intent to convert the user to reach out on the product by showing ads.

Google is the most famous platform to show the content what we are searching for, it provides the solutions and problems related to your queries. Create a free blog and website and earn money

And all is possible because of the content writers who own there website and blogs, and they generate revenue by sharing knowledge.

The main motive of the google to serve the best content to the users, if you write content which is unique and knowledge full to the users, then your content can be on the first position on google and you will get lost of traffic on your content and hence you can earn money through it.

The main work of google is to store your content and all data that you upload or publish on google and provide that content to the user who is searching for those queries.

What is the website And How to Create a free website?

Before proceeding how to create a website, let’s discuss what is website? And The difference between blog and website.

All Are familiar with facebook and its a big company of social media platform website

And its works are to connect peoples with each other and chat with each other.

And Blog is a personal platform where you share your lifestyle evets and you’re and share informative content.

How to create a free Website?

To create Website you need to do a lot of thing like investing money and purchasing hosting, a domain name.

ex- and you need some knowledge of how to create a website

If you don’t know this just google it and you will get lots of tutorials so you can create your own website.

if you want to create your website by some developer so you can hire developer on any freelancer website.

My recommendation to create your own website is on blogger if you are beginner it is totally free and googles free tool were, you do not need to pay single money.

When you become some familiar with how to create a website and blogs so you can proceed for advance things like WordPress.

Blogger is the free platform and all your data is managed by google server and database is totally secure as well, where WordPress is software

you can build the website in one click no coding required and just you need to invest money here form hosting only.

On the blogger platform, you just need to have a Gmail id and password to login in.

on WordPress, you need to buy hosting and, installing WordPress software to manage your website.

Lots of companies provide hosting and domain name like Godaddy do.

Step By Step to create a blog on blogger.

First of all, just type bloggers on google and you will see the first links click on that link.

After If you have Gmail id just click on signup button and Enter you Gmail and password and that’s it you successfully created an account in blogger.

After that, you will see New Blog just click and You will see a pop-up, then you need to enter title depending on your niche.

On Adress bar, you will need to choose a perfect name which will be your website address.

Second, choose the given the below the page and after that just click create button and your blog is ready to write content.

How to create a Website on WordPress.

To Create Website or blog on the website you need to Purchase Hosting from Any of hosting provider Like Godaddy, Hostgator, and many more do.

To buy Hosting You should Visit on any hosting Website and signup with your correct details

And after that, you can buy a domain name and Hosting to work on WordPress.

buying both domain name and hosting you need to configure and make your domain with your hosting.

Afterwards you want to know how to configure your hosting and domain you can google it and follow the instruction.

After Purchasing Hosting You will get a dashboard where you can manage your server and install WordPress and so on.

When you installed WordPress, you can install any good looking theme and that’s it your website are ready to publish content.

For more website customization you can watch these youtube videos.


Here We just provided an overview of how you can able to create a free blog and website and earn money on any website.

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