Claim 500 Free free fire Diamonds Now.

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Hi welcome Here, Free fire is the most downloaded game , it has more then 500million downloads all over the world.

This game is multiplayer online game in which player have to survive till last , if enemy is is ahead they can spray on each other and can eliminate from the game , so using skills player have to survive.

If the last player remains in last and will be declared as winner , with BOOYAH! and he will be rewarded points and rank.

Free fire is owned by Garena Free Fire. In this game 50 player can have battel royal in any mode online and they have to collect guns and equipments to spray each other.

In this game there are different types of characters are availabe in which they have different skills so player can decide on which they can use .

The most famous character is DJ ALOK which creates an aura circle around him and increase 50hp in few in 5 seconds. It has various ability like speed, sprinting, and more etc.

Second Famous character is kelly which has sprinting ability. You can sprint fast up to max.

In free fire you need diamonds to purchase good skins guns and other things. But most of the player does not have enough diamonds so they cant upgrade there skills.

Here You Can Earn Diamonds By just Completing 15 Steps. .

How It Works:

Complete 7 Steps and get 50 daimonds in your account as you completed 7 steps.

Complete Step1 Below 



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